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Sherrill's Inn, also known by those who live in or near it as the 'Big House,' is a wonderful example of 19th and early 20th-century American architecture.

It is a living, working house, but it retains a feeling of warm tradition and long-term family living. It also has an utterly captivating view from its porch, looking roughly north across part of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Built between 1830 and 1850, Sherrill's Inn operated as an inn and way-station for stagecoaches and cattle drovers travelling between nearby Asheville and Rutherfordton. It sits just below the Hickory Nut Gap pass, an early stage coach route that was vital to the development of western North Carolina.

The inn operated for more than fifty years, and was visited by a number of public figures including former president Millard Fillmore. It ceased operating in 1909 and was bought by James McClure in 1917. It has remained in the family since then.

Shooting scenes in 360 is a specialist discipline. The results are uniquely compelling, but planning is important both for shooting and final deployment.

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