Immersive virtual reality

Immersive VR is a fast-growing field. Headsets come in many forms, starting with the basic but very affordable Google Cardboard and countless other simple ‘head-mounted display’ smartphone holders. The Samsung Gear VR offers a much higher-quality platform for immersive VR viewing, with growing third-party support for dedicated project delivery. At the high end there's the Oculus Rift, 2016's big VR device launch.

While dedicated development for these platforms can take time, web-based production techniques can achieve a surprising amount. What's certain is that nothing is as immersive and emotionally involving as a well-crafted VR project, especially one made for one of the better headset platforms.

With the appropriate techniques it's possible to embed interactive headset-style VR media in web format or even in standard ebooks, in the fixed-layout (FXL) EPUB format. View a basic example in your browser or download an example EPUB (iBooks or equivalent FXL EPUB-compatible ebook reader required).



Above: Underneath the Arcadia Spectacular ‘spider’, ground zero for the ultimate festival stage






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Virtual reality panorama photography

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