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Have an automated backup regime that archives important files if they haven't been modified recently? Need to keep a master document at the top of a date-ordered file list? No problem, this'll fix it.


The date stamps that show when a file was last opened and last modified can be useful indicators for whether a document is 'fresh or dusty.' However, applying this logic wholesale can lead to problems: important master documents can mistakenly be classed as old and therefore not needed. Sorting files by date order can also be a useful way of grouping related items together, unless some items are actually older.

You don't need to actually open a document to update this date stamp information, and you don't even need the original creator software either. The command-line 'touch' instruction can set this for you, provided you are comfortable with terminal windows, file paths, numeric date strings and so on.

Don't panic! Because few people enjoy this, Like a Version lets you pick a date – or let it pick the current date for you – and apply that to any file in a couple of clicks.

Download for Macintosh

Download for Windows


The creation date is preserved in files, so you can still see which came first. The last modified date is what's normally shown when browsing files, while the last opened date is used by some tools. Live a Version updates both of these.

Like a Version is free, but if you like it feel free to throw a bit in the tip jar (PayPal link below). Thanks!

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FAQ 1: "How do I use this?"

  1. Click the Choose File button and pick the file you want to update.
  2. If you want to set a specific date other than right now, click Custom Date and then Choose Date. (If today's date is fine just go straight to step 3.)
  3. Click Update File and your document's last modified and last opened dates will be updated.

FAQ 2: "What's with the odd name?"

It's a very bad pun. I apologise! This uses the Unix command-line 'touch' utility, so it makes the files "like a version, touched for the very first time..." Hey, I said I apoogise!

FAQ 3: "Can I edit this?"

Of course, you can download the LiveCode stack here. You'll need to use LiveCode, which is available in free (Open Source) and commercial versions.


First-time launch: Mac users may need to open this app the first time by right-clicking/control-clicking and selecting 'Open'. Windows users may see a one-time warning about allowing unauthorised applications to run. In both cases this only happens once.

Virus warning from Avast anti-virus software? In 2016 and again in 2017 a version of Avast's security software for Windows reported the Win32:Xpaj-gen virus inside the zip archive. This is a known 'false positive' alert, and it has been fixed in the latest Avast updates. To be 100% clear: the virus report by Avast software is a false positive; the zip archive is clean, and updating the Avast virus definitions cures the problem.

This software is free to use, of course, although tips help me pay for my development costs. If you like it please visit the IVRPA Facebook page and show us what you're doing. Bug reports and questions are also welcome – you can find me on Twitter (@thatkeith) and Facebook (

— Keith Martin






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