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From dynamic festival and club locations to architectural environments and virtual tours, interactive 360° virtual reality photographs put you in location and in control. This is not crude Street View imaging or real estate snaps, this is high-quality, high-resolution, 100% convincing immersive media. Immerse yourself in the scene with virtual reality photography!

The VR industry is undergoing a period of dramatic change. The world’s attention is turning to virtual reality, virtual tours, 360 video, immersive viewing and interactive experiences. These are closely related fields and media types, but it’s worth knowing that VR doesn’t only mean Oculus Rift or HTC Vive-style headset-based goggles. 360-degree, spherical panoramic photography can be used for many different things, from simple ‘look around’ images to rich interactive scenes and linked tours, through to immersive headset productions made for Google Cardboard, Samsung’s Gear VR, the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and others – and delivered in everything from web sites and apps to ebooks.

The potentially enormous resolution of stitched panoramic photographic content can also be of real benefit in print production, allowing larger-scale reproduction than traditional medium and even large-format photography can achieve.

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Above: Arcadia Spectacular at Glastonbury Festival, DJ set near midnight






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