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Around the world:
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The Cross Club is a surreal bar and club that uses multiple floors in a large building in the northern part of Prague. It is constantly being modified in weird and creative ways, so what you see here may no longer be what's in the club now. Open this sample full screen.

Best viewed in full-screen mode in a virtual reality headset. Strap one to your face and immerse yourself in an environment even more completely! While these aren't true stereo images, they feel exceptionally realistic.





From dynamic festival and club locations to architectural environments and virtual tours, interactive 360° virtual reality photographs put you in location and in control. Immerse yourself in the scene with virtual reality photography! Open this sample full screen.

The Scala, Kings Cross, London – in the dressing rooms after 2011's World Burlesque Games. Part of a set of location panoramas made for Retro Magazine. Open this sample full screen.

headsets3I am a specialist virtual reality panorama photographer, with many years of experience creating, teaching and consulting in this field. I am on the board of directors of both the World Wide Panorama Project and the IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Photography Association), the latter as IVRPA's 'editor in chief.' The IVRPA is the VR industry's most important independent body.

Separately, I'm a Senior Lecturer specialising in publishing and production across all media forms at London College of Communication, and I was MacUser magazine's Technical Editor for eighteen years.

Interactive panoramas can be used individually or as linked ‘tours’ where the user can explore locations by clicking through from one scene to the next. Information overlays, buttons, embedded video and animations, and many other features and tricks are possible.

Panoramas can be delivered in web pages, inside digital magazines created with Adobe DPS, Quark App Studio, Woodwing and others, and in regular mobile and desktop apps. They can be viewed in dedicated virtual reality hedsets. They can even be embedded within fixed-layout (FXL) EPUB ebooks. It's also quite possible to render video walkthrough sequences from photographic panoramas, although of course those wouldn't be interactive. If you are interested in video panoramas please contact me; this is an area of fast development.

As these panoramic images are such high resolution they can be used at extraordinarily large sizes in print. Alternative projections of the panoramic image is also possible, from crowd-pleasing ‘little planet’ renders to the Renaissance-based ‘Vedutismo’ perspective that brings much wider angles into view without perceptible distortions. It's also possible to render out specific traditional ‘crop’ views in any direction once the panorama has been created.

Interactive panorama media is fully HTML5-compliant, and it works on any modern mobile device with sufficient memory. This includes all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and the vast majority of today's Android phones and tablets. And of course they also work perfectly in desktop browsers using Flash or HTML5.

Are you interested in commissioning panoramas of a location or event, or maybe curious about the different ways this media can be used? , let's talk.

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